When you search in Google for free SEO training in Chandigarh, the name FASPIN will flash there. You know why? Because we have optimized our Web site to rank in the top results on Google for Chandigarh and nearby locations.

You must be wondering then why we used “free SEO training” as a keyword? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. We offer free search engine optimization or SEO training to candidates who are willing to make a bright career in Digital Marketing. So, we choose the sharpest minds for our free SEO training.

By this time, you might have understood why you should join FASPIN’s Free SEO training in Chandigarh. Right?

Well, if you are still facing the dilemma of whether or not to choose our SEO training program, then here we are listing some of the main reasons for joining our free SEO training program. Here you go:

  • We will teach you how can you rank keywords just like we did as explained in the beginning of this post.

  • We offer free of cost training.

  • Our Training is Stipend based which means we will pay you while we train you.

  • During training period or upon completion of training, you will probably be absorbed into our parent organization which is FASPIN Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • You will be trained by Digital marketing experts with years of experience in the same field.

  • You will work in a company environment which means it will not be like a training class, but it will be more like a 9 to 7 job.

  • During training you will be able to grow technically as well as professionally.

  • Based on your performance, you will be promoted to a higher level in the company once you are hired.

  • Another reason is, we are located in The Atrium, Quark City which is among the best working places in Tricity Chandigarh.

Now, we are pretty much sure that you are now convinced that FASPIN free SEO training in Chandigarh is the best option for you to give a head start to your career in Digital Marketing.

Let us now discuss in brief about what we would be teaching you in your free SEO training course.

  • What is SEO and its significance?

  • What are Search Engines and how they work?

  • What are various Google Algorithms?

  • Basic and advanced On-Page SEO elements

  • Website Auditing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Off-Page SEO link building strategies

  • Google Analytics and Webmasters setup

  • Keyword Research and analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • SEO Project management

These are a few of the topics related to SEO optimization of a website but there are many that we will be teaching you in our advanced and professional SEO training in Chandigarh.

So, if you want to be the part of this ever growing Digital Marketing industry and become a digital marketing expert then you probably should contact us as soon as possible.



Ankit Dyeonia

Digital Marketing Team Lead at Faspin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.