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Introduction to Digital Marketing Training 

We have come to the era of digitalization where there is a tremendous opportunity for skilled individuals to make a lucrative and promising career in Digital Marketing. Technology and Digitalization are like two faces of the same coin in this modern life which cannot be separated. To carve a successful path for your digital marketing career, we at Faspin have specially designed digital marketing courses in Mohali as per the latest marketing trend and technology. From fundamentals to the advanced concepts of digital marketing, students will learn every technicality that will help them to unveil a true digital marketer in them. Whether you are a student, business owner, digital marketing enthusiast, or newbie to the digital market, our unique tailored digital marketing training program will surely help you to achieve your pre-defined goal.

Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital Marketing has revolutionized the ways of marketing and is now more conversion-oriented, customer-centric, quantifiable, and ROI-Driven. In the market, there is huge demand of digital marketing professionals and to learn digital marketing with FASPIN is the right choice you can make to get all the expertise you need to be a front-runner in this crowded job market.


Search Engine Opt​​​​imization Training Course (SEO):

If you are going to put your first step in the online world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the first technicality to get familiar with. It is a method to get traffic to your websites from organic, free, or natural search results on search engines. You should get the best SEO training course to be an SEO maven. FASPIN constitutes an excellent faculty-base with exceptional teaching and mentoring abilities. Their years of industry experience in SEO training help the students to have hands-on direct experience with real-time and live projects. Our free SEO training in Chandigarh is extremely helpful for both fresher and experienced professional to be proficient in SEO methods.


Search Engine Marketing Training Cou​​​​rse (SEM):

SEM is one of the vital elements of Digital Marketing and to get the pay from your ads. With the growing online marketing and instantaneous sales gratification through Paid Marketing Campaign, you have the golden opportunity to target to your prospective customers.  The demand for PPC experts is rising on every single day. And to create a balance between demand and supply, we at FASPIN provides the best PPC training in Chandīgarh. With the state-of-art infrastructure and experienced faculties, we are capable of delivering the highest quality pay per click (PPC) training.

Social Media Optimization Training Course (SMO):

With the advent of Social Media and its impact on our daily lives has opened up many avenues for marketers to showcase their products and services to the huge community of people. Social Media Optimization refers to proper optimization of your post on various social media channels. If you want to get the right knowledge of SMO and SMM, FASPIN is here to provide you with the best SMO training.


Social Media Marketing Training Course (SMM): 

Our industry recognized social media marketing course modules covers all the modules right from basics to advanced level. We at FASPIN house a strong team of social media professionals who are dedicated to providing quality teaching and mentoring.

E-Commerce Marketing Training Course: 

If you have a keen desire to master in E-Commerce marketing, and then look nowhere. FASPIN will help you in mastering the art to target the prospective audience, converting them to lead and then to sales with their e-commerce training. Our best e-commerce marketing training course will help you to explore enormous possibilities to be successful E-Commerce Marketing professional. We also offer best email marketing courses to make you competent with strategies and methodologies of email marketing.

Email Marketing Training Course:

We also offer best email marketing courses to make you competent with strategies and methodologies of email marketing.


Online Reputation Management Training Course (ORM): 

The power of Online Reputation Management is well-known to everyone in building a brand image. FASPIN makes the professionals proficient in handling and managing ORM with our top-level ORM training.


Content Marketing Training Course: 

We all know “Content Is King” and can take a business or brand to any height. An engaging, well-researched, eye-catchy, valuable, shareable, persuasive, and converting are a few characteristics that make great content. But proper marketing of content is equally important as creating it. To grasp the skills of content marketing, you need the right content marketing course. FASPIN offers the best content marketing course sessions to not only to understand the gimmick of content marketing but also develops the thought process among the students to be a good competitor in this competitive job market.

 “A World without Digital Marketing is just like a Body without a Soul

Who Can Join Our Extensive Digital Marketing & SEO Training Program?

If you have a keen interest to master the skills of digital marketing and constantly looking for the best digital marketing training institute, and then look no further, FASPIN is the right choice for you.  You can boost your career with our digital marketing course in Chandigarh. The digital marketing course comprises of all the components including SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, E-Mail marketing, Content marketing, and E-Commerce marketing. Both fresher and experienced professional can avail the benefit to uplift their career. FASPIN offers industry ready digital marketing training in Chandigarh.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing Training
  • Technical Graduates/Post Graduates (B.Tech, B.E, BCA, MCA, BSc (IT), MSc (IT))
  • Non-Technical Graduates/Post Graduates (BA, MA, B.Com, M.Com, B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  • Marketing Graduates/Post Graduates (BBA, MBA)

Faspin Digital Marketing & SEO Training Courses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are stepping into the digital marketing world, SEO is the first word you will get familiar with. So, let’s go into depth and know more about SEO and free SEO courses.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method or the practices to rank your websites on the search engines via organic, natural, or earned search results. Search Engine Optimization is one of the crucial components of digital marketing. It helps you to drive quality traffic to your website.

FASPIN provides free SEO training in Chandigarh to help you grow in this booming field of Digital marketing. The things that will be covered in our SEO training course are:

  • ​Keywords and Competitor Analysis
  • On page and off page SEO optimizations
  • Google Algorithms and penalties
  • Overview of Google Analytics & Webmasters
  • Latest link building concepts like Guest Blogging, Blogger Outreach, Private Blog Networks (PBNs), Tier Link Building etc.
  • Event Tracking
  • Website SEO Audit report
  • Exposure to Live US, UK & CA projects
  • Work with popular SEO tools like SemRush, Majestic, RankTracker, Moz, Alexa etc.
  • Learn from top industry experts video courses - Brian Dean, Matt Diggity, Rand Fishkin & a lot more.

We at FASPIN are specialized in all forms of SEO and can give proper guidance with our free SEO training in Chandigarh to achieve a great ranked website.If you want to learn more on the above topics and deep dive into the Search Engine Optimizations fundamentals then Faspin gives you an excellent opportunity to learn seo for free and browse through the industry experts video courses - Brian Dean, Matt Diggity, Rand Fishkin & a lot more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Knowledge of Search Engine Marketing is really a very prized possession for every digital marketer. People need to learn the right way of SEM. Search engine marketing (SEM) has now evolved to become the most reliable and popular strategy for reaching the target audience for the business and to drive conversions. FASPIN is taking initiative to help coming generations to learn search engine marketing concepts with its free PPC training program for engineering, non-engineering and marketing graduates and postgraduates. So, below are the topics that we will teach you in our free PPC training course.

  • Basic of Search Engine Marketing (Google & Bing Ads)
  • Overview on Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Starting with PPC keyword research
  • Keyword Quality Score
  • Setting up first campaign & Ad Group
  • Writing First PPC Ads
  • Search and display network
  • Text ad and ad extensions
  • Google banner ads
  • Campaign Management
  • Ad Quality Score
  • Analyzing Ad Performance & Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Re-Marketing

Social Media Optimization

The social media is the new buzzword and every organization across different industries is embracing it as the new distribution channel for its intellectual assets. No matter what business you are pursuing, social media is an amazing medium that can create a brand, build visibility, and generate demand for your products or services.Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are now on demand for business promotion and this is the reason that every digital marketing training course includes the effective projects and planning on social media optimization. Branding & Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is highly prospective now to increase its visibility. FASPIN offers the best Social Media Optimization course in Tricity Chandigarh. Here what you will be learning in our Social Media optimization course:

  • ​An Overview of Social Media & Its Importance
  • Branding & Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Learn to write posts, create pages & groups
  • Facebook Optimization
  • Twitter Optimization
  • Instagram Optimization
  • LinkedIn Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising has become very popular in recent years and has now reached an all-time high position. Now strategies are quite complex with a mixture of social media marketing, creative content management and of course your skill of storytelling. In FASPIN social media marketing training course, you can learn the tricks of social media marketing. For flawless social media marketing, you need to connect with people and build a relationship.
FASPIN Digital marketing training courses come with the different modules to cover all such techniques that you need to learn for social media marketing. Our social media marketing course will comprise of:

  • ​Overview of Social Media advertising
  • Identifying target audiences
  • Marketing strategy for social media
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Inventory management
  • LinkedIn Ads

E-Commerce Marketing

To start e-commerce marketing, you need to understand first the e-commerce concept. FASPIN e commerce training courses in Chandigarh will help you to learn all below mentioned topics to ensure online success. 

  • ​Understanding E-Commerce
  • Work with live shopify & woocommerce ecommerce sites
  • Hands on experience with Amazon Seller Central
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Product Research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Uploading products to online marketplace
  • Vendors Management across globe - China, Nepal, US, UK & India
  • Selling on online platforms


Email marketing is an emerging concept of today for the businesses that believe in digital marketing. Due to the huge use of smartphones and digital platforms, email marketing is a popular form to generate leads for business. Most of the people use emails for better communication with their prospective clients. Email marketing can be used to develop a relationship with the customers and promoting a service or product by sending emails.
With the FASPIN’s email marketing training with, you can learn the way to integrate the smart software in your business. They provide one of the best email marketing training. Here is what will be covered in our free email marketing course:

  • ​Overview of Email-Marketing & Its Advantages
  • Subscribers list & Database building
  • Cold Emailing
  • Email Marketing Softwares
  • Creating & Designing Emails
  • Email Automation

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a creative digital marketing approach based on writing and distributing high quality, relevant content to attract more customers and to retain your well-defined customer base. It is a great way to achieve higher revenue. This marketing is based on high-quality contents only. There are many content writers who develop and handle the creation and ideation of prospective contents for the website, blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts etc.

Faspin offers you an opportunity to become a high-skilled content writer and marketer. You will be learning following things in our content marketing training course:

  • ​Overview of Content Writing
  • Learning about content quality
  • Generating content ideas
  • Promoting your content
  • Guest Post Outreach
  • Create Blog and writing posts
  • Guest Blogging & Article Writing

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Today, you will find a lot of competition in the scenario of online businesses. There are big competitions between different companies to get more clients. You can achieve a good reputation only if you have an aggressive and excellent marketing strategy. To appeal more and more customers fast, you need to have the good support of an online reputation management service. You need to create an impressive reputation on the World Wide Web so that the customers will trust you and will show their interest to buy your products or services. You need to learn about the useful tools that may help you in building up a good reputation online. FASPIN offers hands-on best digital marketing training and ORM training that helps you in making a sound online presence. Here is what you will learn in our free online reputation management course:

  • ​Understanding ORM
  • Tools for ORM
  • Steps for Effective ORM
  • Brand Crisis Management

Why enroll in FASP​IN Technologies Digital Marketing (SEO) Training Course?

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur or a digital marketing enthusiast, getting the right sets of skills and digital marketing will help you to excel in your career. FASPIN has brought golden opportunity for you to be a digital marketing expert with their specially crafted digital marketing course. Apart from the crowd, FASPIN has gained enormous popularity for their free SEO training in Chandigarh which is a great help for both fresher as well as experienced professional.

Some attractive features of FASPIN digital marketing training courses

  • We provide you with world-class training absolutely free. FASPIN won’t charge anything for the training.
  • You will get paid while you learn from the top experts. If you have the potential, then you will be absorbed in our company FASPIN Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • FASPIN gives you an opportunity to work on UK, US and CA based LIVE projects. Our clients are big leaders in their industries.
  • We handle over 100+ Digital Marketing Campaigns every month. We provide e-commerce services to over 100+ products in US, UK & CA marketplace. So, you will get to work with reputable worldwide brands.
  • With our digital marketing training course you will learn & apply EFFECTIVE online marketing strategies. These strategies will help you in achieving astonishing results for the clients.
  • We’re located in Quark City, Mohali, one of the best IT campuses in Tricity. The facility is equipped with facilities like Cafeteria, Swimming Pool & Gym. 
  • Our results speak for themselves. We have successfully trained many digital marketing students who have acquired good positions in the industry.

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